Thursday, June 25, 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition

On Tuesday I got the Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition for Xbox One. I didn't get to play it till last night, for only about two hours. I am really enjoying the game so far. The batmobile is pretty bad ass, but I still have to get use to the controls for it.

In the limited edition I got the game for Xbox One, a comic, steel case, art book, and a statue of Batman as seen in pictures below.

Apparently the statue lights up, as a package of three AA batteries where included. I haven't put in the batteries yet, not sure if I want to at this time, but that is a cool feature.

It kind of sucks with the whole issues on the PC version of this game. I know it is not Rocksteady's fault, the finger should really get pointed at WB for sloppy management of the PC port. They should have funded more money and got a better third party studio to do it. But at least WB is finally owning up to it and taking the PC port off the shelves and getting the code ready for a better release version of the PC version. That is why I got the Xbox One version, but it is a real slap in the face for PC only gamers. Hopefully they deliver a better PC version soon.

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