Monday, June 1, 2015

I Am Spoiled: My MMO Dilemma

In the past 12 years I have played countless MMOs, such as World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Warhammer, The Old Republic, and more. but none have ever been as satisfying of a game, then my first MMO.

Back in 2003 and after coming off the high of Diablo 2, I picked up my first major MMO called "Star Wars Galaxies". Ever since no other MMO has ever been close to what SWG has created.

Star Wars Galaxies when it first launched was an amazing MMO that let you do what ever you wanted. There were no zones, levels, or any of that BS. Everything was player run and you could do what ever you wanted. They gave you a simple training then sent you into the world alone. One of the best things about Galaxies was the fact that you can make your place in the Star Wars universe with out playing a major character. Become whom ever you wanted in the Star Wars universe. It was a dream come true and the first expansion, Jump To Light Speed, made it even better. To be able to fly around with your own customized ship was amazing. Then something happened and it all went to hell. I blame it mostly on greed and the success of WoW.

It first started because SOE wanted to compete with WoW, so they tried to "FIX" the combat in SWG. I mostly played a character who crafted, but I did enjoy the combat. It wasn't perfect, but it worked for the game. Then they decided to have this great idea of having classes, like WoW did. The best thing about SWG was no classes, you can mix and match what ever you wanted. It wasn't perfect or not broken but it worked well for what SWG was. Instead of making what they created work, SOE decided to try and take the piece of the World of Warcraft pie and copy and do what ever that game did. As an added bonus to try to get Star Wars movie goers, they also tried to throw in all the Episode 3 crap. SOE destroyed their own game cause of greed.

I have tried, many of MMOs I have tried. They all seem the same. Or at least I feel that way because I was spoiled and played the greatest MMO (before it was destroyed) ever created. I just hope one day, someone will create that awesomeness of an open world MMO, with out trying to stuff all of the crap from WoW and Everquest into it. Many companies before them have failed trying to copy WoW. You can't do it, WoW is what it is. Blizzard has done a great job making an amazing MMO. It just so happens to not be my cup of tea, because like I said before I am spoiled.

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