Monday, September 28, 2015

MGSV Will Take Me A While To Complete:

I am saying this because for the month of September I have played about 15+ hours of the game and I am only 13% complete. I think this is do to the fact that Hideo Kojima made such an amazing open world Metal Gear Solid game. And I have to blame my self because I'll complete like 2 or 3 main missions then spend a lot of time in the Side-Ops (side missions). Reason for me taking my time is exploring, collecting reasources, and taking my time on each mission (even side-op missions). This is a good thing for me, becuase there is no right way to complete a mission. Yes, there is a guide line to follow to get higher scores, but no right way. Find a base and do what ever you want to complete the mission at that base.

So I am really enjoying my time in MGSV, but like I said, it is going to take a long time to complete it. I wouldn't doubt if it took me till the end of the year.

MGSV is one of the best in the series in terms of gameplay. Story for me has to go to MGS3. I am a little disappointed that the story was turned back so much in MGSV. It is almost like Hideo Kojima heard the crys of MGS4 and how people said it was like watching a movie then playing a game. In MGSV it is like he went completely the opposite and dialed backed the story and stuffed the game with gameplay instead. Not that I am saying it is a bad thing, but kind of wanting a little bit more story scenes then I have been provided so far.

Ok so it is time for more main missions, been spending to much time in Side-Ops. I got distracted with making money and collecting resources for my motherbase. :-D

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