Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Slight addiction to CS:GO and HearthStone

So recently I have been on a CS:GO kick. I have always played Counter-Strike, even back to when it started as a MOD for Half-Life, but in CS:GO there are drops of guns when you play. It has kind of got me sucked in to rank up and hope to get some drops. So lately I have been playing a few hours here and there hope to get some gun skin drops. I am not the best at Counter-Strike like I use to be, but I get enough kills to have fun. Really that is all that matters to me in the end, having fun.

On the other hand I got addicted to HearthStone for a few weeks. It reminded me of Magic: The Gathering. Though my addiction to that game only lasted a few weeks. I quickly found out that if you don't spend the cash it takes a really really long time to get anywhere. So I kind of just stopped caring about the daily gold and playing. I am just not that into dropping cash left and right to even be able to compete. Well, back to MGSV and CS:GO....

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