Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pillars of Eternity

I picked up Pillars of Eternity on Steam a little while ago and been playing it here and there. So far it is a really good RPG that is a throw back to the turn-based RPGs of the 90s and early 2000s. If you ever played IceWind Dale or Baldurs Gate, Pillars of Eternity plays just like them. There is a ton of reading in this game, and it is a long one. I think it clocks in around 40 or 50 hours and more if you try to do everything. I think I am a little under 5 hours or so and I am enjoying it. I really like how you can choose to go with the pre-designed characters or create your own.

There is an expansion out for the game, and another one coming very soon. Looks like Pillars of Eternity is going to take me longer then Divinity: Original Sin did. But I am ok with that, Obsidian Entertainment has done a really good job with this game. Brought back a lot of memories from past RPGs like this one. If you are looking for a long RPG with lots of details and is turn-based. You may want to check out Pillars of Eternity. It has been well worth the purchase.

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