Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fallout 4 - Pip-Boy Edition

So it has been a bit of a delay in posting this, but last week around November 10th I got the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy PC edition.

It is a nice big case that holds the Pip-Boy replica from the game. Which is pretty cool looking.

It works with an app that goes on either your iPhone or Andriod phone. The app can be synced with the game to see your inventory and mess with your Pip-Boy in real life. I haven't done this as I have been just playing the game without this feature. I just thought this was really cool looking as it sits on the display stand. It would get in the way of my chair and keyboard if I tried to use it during the game. Lol!

It also comes with a Steel-Book case with the DVD game disc.

Which in it self looks really cool. But I quickly found out to install the game it requires Steam. Not a problem with me, but some peeps might not like that. Over all I am happy with the Pip-Boy edition, it looks awesome on my desk and the case is on my book shelf. But the most important part is the game.

Over all Fallout 4 has gotten pretty damn good reviews. For me it is well worth the price thus far, and I have gotten re-addicted to the Fallout open world I fell in love with so much back in 2008. Now, if you excuse me I have more raiders to kill in the Commonwealth.  :-)

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