Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Year End Gaming Status Update

2015 is coming to an end and I have fail all of my gaming goals. I wanted to have MGSV beat by the end of the year, but I missed that goal. Haven't continued that game since October. I was trying to get back into Star Wars The Old Republic MMO, but I quickly found out why I stopped playing that game. I have since canceled my subscription and stopped playing. I haven't even played the single player of the StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void expansion or invested enough time in Rise of the Tomb Raider. I kind of let my ADD take over the last 3 months and just played what ever I was in the mood for. Not that, that is a bad thing...

2016 is filled with a lot of good games coming out, so I hope to finish a lot of games I started but haven't completed in 2015 before the new ones start to come out. Also for 2016 I have been debating on whether to do game reviews. I still haven't decided yet. One of the biggest reasons I have not done them is because I don't enjoy the game I am playing. I keep thinking I have to rush and finish the game so I can post a review about. I have done this in the past on my other blogs, and I just end up hating playing games because of it. So I have been thinking about approaching it differently. Since I am not really a gaming news website, where reviews are the bread and butter, I will put out the review of the game when I finish it. It maybe few weeks after release, or months, sometimes even maybe a year. I think this might be a better way, though I might just skip the review of a game if I don't finish it with in a month or two of release. Again I am still thinking about this, not sure if I will do this or not. But since I don't talk much on my blog, I am thinking it needs reviews. I'll admit, my blog in 2015 has been fairly boring. I will make a final decision about this in January 2016. Till then I have a lot of games to play and maybe even finish some of them. Have a Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

My 2015 - Game Of The Year

2015 has been an interesting year for video games. A lot of great games came out this year, but only one of them stood out more then the rest in my eyes.

And my 2015 Game of the Year is...

Fallout 4

The reason Fallout 4 is my 2015 Game of the Year is because it delivered everything I wanted out of the game. Yes I haven't even come close to beating it, but with about 40 hours of game play already in Fallout 4, I just scratched the surface. I was hoping Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would be my GotY for 2015, but it is clear the game wasn't finished and Konami forced it out the door. If Kojima had the time he needed to finish MGSV, it would have been one hell of an amazing game. Not that it is crap, in its current state. MGSV is still one of my favorite Metal Gear Solid games, and Kojima did an amazing job bringing the franchise to the Open World genre. I only wish the fall out between him and Konami didn't happen so we could see the 100% complete version of the game.

I have also read the out cries of Fallout fans saying Fallout 4 is not RPG enough and to much FPS. In a way, it has changed a lot since Fallout 3. Some for the better and others not so much. I do wish that a little more RPG was left in Fallout 4, but it still delivered on what I was expecting from the game. I love to explore and see the wasteland that is Boston, but I do have to agree with most of the fans saying that to many people are hostile to you. It can feel like to much of a FPS sometimes, but hopefully Bethesda hears this and doesn't do that in Fallout 5. I am still going to pump over 100 hours into this game and see what they have coming in the DLC. Also can't wait to see what amazing MODs come out for Fallout 4. I will be playing this one well into 2016 and maybe even 2017. Here is to another year with more amazing video games, let 2016 be an epic year. Till then, more Fallout 4 time....