Friday, January 8, 2016

Why I will never buy Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars The Force Awakens came out a few weeks ago. I liked the film and where the trilogy is headed. It wasn't perfect, but it did its job of igniting interest back into the Star Wars franchise. Now, Star Wars Battlefront on the other hand, this game clearly is a cash grab on that ignition of the franchise. How dare EA charge $60 for this game, or even $120 at that. Yes, if you want the game plus the season pass and a gun it will cost you $120. I mean $50 more for season pass, WTF...

Now I am not saying that this game is total garbage or anything like that. I am just saying it is not worth its price tag. Yes, I haven't played the game at all. But from the game footage I have seen on YouTube and from what I have read and watched about what you get for $60. Yeah, Star Wars Battlefront is not worth $60, it is worth more around $30 maybe $40 but that's pushing it.

Star Wars Battlefront is basically a re-skinned Battlefield with all the great goodies of battlefield ripped out. There are no classes, each soldier plays the same as the next. Barely any weapons to unlock, and the weapons you do get are not that different from each other. The vehicles spawn when you run over icons in the game. So you can't even pick which vehicle you want to use. Speaking of vehicles there is barely any in the game to play with. And don't get me started about the Heros in this game. They are way over powered and basically were thrown in here to give that slight feeling of the old Battlefront games and make you feel like you are in a Star Wars movie. To top it all off, you get a total of 12 maps (14 with the Jakku update) across all modes and no single player. Are you kidding me, you want to sell me a bare bones nothing multiplayer game for $60 plus reach your hands out again for another $50 for the season pass? Hell no, sorry EA I am not buying this.

This is the type of crap I am sick of Big Game Publishers pulling on us gamers. Not only with micro-transactions, but now with selling us a $60 game that is clearly worth $30 and trying to grab more money by selling $50 season passes. WTF, that is almost a price tag of a whole new game and you want me to think the content in that season pass is worth $50. I doubt it, I bet for your $50 the content you end up getting is worth maybe $25. The DLC is mostly going to be more maps, guns, and vehicles which should have been there in the first place. Maybe they might add a single player, but that is doubtful.

I just don't see the value in this over priced game designed for the masses with very little meat on it. I was hoping this game was going to be good, but after all the features came out and their stupid reasoning on why they dumb down the game, just turned me off. Then after it releases and hearing how much they want for this game for what they offer in it. That just pissed me off and I decided to vote with my wallet and not buy into their cash grab. You can bet in 2017 there is going to be a sequel to this Battlefront. Maybe in that sequel they will add more value for the price tag, but I doubt it, we are talking about EA here. They do nothing but destroy franchises and grab gamers money while providing mediocre games. Ohh well, back to playing games that provide me value for my money...That is why I will never buy Star Wars Battlefront.

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