Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Nvidia Shield Tablet

For Christmas I decided to buy the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 2015 Edition. It was only $200, not bad for a powerful little tablet. This is the same model that was selling for $300 a few years back with some tweaks. Less internal storage (16GB only) and no stylus pen & charger. The storage can be upgraded with a micro SD card and I don't care for a stylus pens anyways, but the missing charger did suck. I was able to find one on Amazon meant for Android tablets for like $30 and with the savings I was able to get the Nvidia controller as well. Other then the missing charger, the only issue I have with this tablet is the poor battery life. Unless you turn on Battery Saver, it only lasts between 3 to 4 hours. Not a deal breaker for me, but expected better battery life for an 8 inch tablet. Since this is the best gaming tablet on the market, and I have been needing a tablet for a while now. $200 tablet is a damn good deal, even if it has its quirks.

How is this tablet when it comes to gaming? Well the K1 processor is bad ass and the games I have been playing on it, they all ran very smoothly and with no issues. I also downloaded a game that was meant to be played with the Nvidia Shield Controller. No issues there either, the controller connected to the tablet with ease and it felt natural using the controller instead of the touch screen controls.

The controller it self is $59.99 and is sold separately from the tablet. The great thing is, you are not stuck only using it for the tablet. You can use this controller on your PC and with other Nvidia Shield devices. This controller feels very solid, well built, and has a long battery life.

Over all I am very satisfied with my purchase. Been using it while traveling, not only just for gaming, but for reading and surfing the web as well. It comes with the Android OS, so it is basically like any other Android tablet, just better built for gaming. So, if you have been needing a tablet on the cheap, I highly recommend the Nvidia Shield K1 Android Tablet. Can't go wrong for $200, for more information head on over to the Nvidia Shield Website.

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