Saturday, March 26, 2016

HITMAN (2016) Paris Level - My Double Swirly Assassination Video

Through out March I have been playing the latest HITMAN game that came out March 11, 2016. They only released the Tutorial level and Paris level so far and for only $15. I have been surprised that I was playing the Paris level over and over again. I am liking how the Paris level was built for multiple play styles. In this video that I recorded of my game play. I completed the mission with a Double Swirly Assassination. Basically I killed both targets by drowning them in the toilet bowel. I also got a silent assassin rank while playing this. Check it out...

For more videos check out JB The Gamer's YouTube Channel.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gaming Status Update - Winter 2016

February was dominated by XCOM2, and after playing a months worth of XCOM2 I decided to pick up FarCry Primal. Oddly enough I am really enjoying this game. I hope to have a full review up very soon. Also, just this past weekend I was finally able to pick up and play Tom Clancy's The Division. I am exclusively playing this game with my cousin and we are having a blast. Since I am only playing it with my cousin I may or may not have a full review posted about it. I'll just have to wait and see how far we get into the game this month.

The number one reason why I wanted to post a Gaming Update is because of Hitman. Recently Hitman just came out over this past weekend. Now, they released it at $15 with only a starting level and one major map. Through out the rest of the year they will release the rest of the game. You can pay $60 now and get everything once it comes out over 2016. If you the whole game, a retail copy will be released with all the levels in January 2017. I still don't know how I feel about this yet, but I decided to take the dive and paid $15 to give the game a shot. I can definitely say IO Interactive has brought Hitman back to its roots. I say this because Hitman Absolution was not really a Hitman game. The maps were small and too linear. It did have a good story and game play, but it wasn't what Hitman was always about. This new title brings back all the great memories of Hitman games from the past. IO Interactive fixes the disguise issues of the past games and gives you a wide range of possible ways to approach your target in each level. I can see my self replaying my favorite levels in this latest title of the franchise. At this time I have no plans for a review on Hitman, as the game will not be complete till the end of the year. I do plan on posting future posts about each section that comes out over 2016.