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Review - FarCry Primal

I would have never thought that FarCry Primal would be a game I would have so much fun in. I am even finding my self excited to see what they come up with for DLC to expand this game. This is odd, as I have had a not so good relationship with the FarCry franchise. Since the first one, the only one I completed from start to finish, the rest of the games in the series bored me. I would get maybe 25% or less and just turn it off. When FarCry 4 came out I went as far as the first moment you get to enter the world and basically said been here done this and turned it off, not even 2% into that game. So with my history with the franchise, why even bother picking this one up? Well simple enough, the game sounded interesting to me, and it ended up being the FarCry that I really enjoyed playing. No, it is not a revolution in gaming history, but the setting and time period was interesting and with no guns, just practical weapons. For what ever reason this works in an open world FPS game and was very enjoyable.

As you can see, I enjoyed playing FarCry Primal, but lets get to the nitty-gritty. Lets start off with the story, is there even a story in this game? Yes, it is very basic and simple. Basically you are a male named Takkar who is from a group of people called the Wenja. The game starts off as basic as it can be, hunting mammoths to feed your self and what is left of your tribe. This is the main story through out the game. You need to build up your tribe and save other Wenja out in the world to grow your little town you end up calling home. Even though this is so simple of a story, it works very well for this time period and I didn't expect anything more beyond a story about survival during 10,000BC. When it comes to villains in FarCry Primal, don't expect anything like the characters from the last two games. The villains in FarCry Primal are forgettable, but they work.

Graphics in FarCry Primal look good, the game is very pretty. The animations are spot on, and the world is very believable. Since I was playing on the Xbox One, I did notice some low resolution textures but nothing that was crappy to look at. Over all, the game looks good but not Star Wars Battlefront good.

What about the game play? How can you have a FarCry game without guns. Very easy, practical weapons such as clubs, bow & arrows, and Spears. Yes, that is all the weapons you can get in FarCry Primal, but you can upgrade them as you progress in the game. For what ever reason, these three main weapons are more then enough for combat. Clubs are effective in melee, bow & Arrows for distance and stealth, and spears are great for throwing which are mostly used in short distance combat. You can use Spears like the club in melee combat, but they are more effective when thrown. Besides the weapons you can carry, the best weapon in the game is by far your animal companion. You can learn how to tame animals, and they are very effective and satisfying in combat or hunting. Hunting also plays a huge role in FarCry Primal. You have to eat to heal your self and your pets. So you always need to have a good supply of meat handy. Speaking of supplies, as you roam around the Primal world of 10,000BC you can pick up a range of materials which can be used in healing, upgrading your tribes main huts, and crafting. Upgrading your tribal huts provide missions you can take as well as story progression and crafting will upgrade your equipment and weapons. FarCry is about exploring, and in FarCry Primal that hasn't changed. As you explore the world you will come across lots of animals to hunt, tame, and skin(I like the fact that the devs made rare animals that you can tame. It kind of has that got to catchem all feeling to it), Wenja to save from the rival tribes, Bon-Fires to light, Camps to take over, and main characters to add to your tribe. These main characters will provide new missions and skills to unlock that will better your health, taming, fighting, and other skills.

FarCry Primal is not without it's flaws. Here are some of the negatives about the game:

-First, the story is very basic and works but I never felt driven by the story. Since it was so basic, I wasn't like, I need to see what happens next. The excitement wasn't there.

-Secondly, what you can do in the game, is repetitive. Same tasks over and over. So the game play can repeat it self.

-Third, I wanted more in terms of upgrading your tribe huts. All they do is provide missions or story progression. It would have been neat and interesting if this system provided more when upgrading your main huts in the tribe.

-Fourth, Your animal companion can get in the way. I found my self always petting or healing my beast instead of what I wanted to do. Which was skin an animal or search a dead body. Even if I told my animal companion to move away, he/she just comes right back in my face while I am trying to do a task on the ground.

Over All FarCry Primal is a good game, but I found my self only playing it for a few hours here and there. It doesn't keep my interest for very long. I also must note that during my game play I didn't run into any game breaking bugs or crashes. Now that brings me to my final score:

JB The Gamer's Final Rating on FarCry Primal: 3 out of 5 - Good Game.

Even though I didn't list a lot of negatives they were pretty big ones. FarCry Primal is fun in small doses but I just wish there was more to do then the same old same old. The setting is very interesting and the devs made sure everything works right for the 10,000BC theme. If you are looking for a distraction from the same old FPS gun play, then FarCry Primal is worth a play through, even if you wait for it to come down in price or borrow a copy from a friend.

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