Friday, April 8, 2016

Awesome MOD for Classic Doom - Brutal Doom

Since the hype of the new "DOOM" coming out on May 13th 2016, I pre-ordered the collector's edition by the way, I have been wanting to revisit the classic DOOM games. I came across this mod called "Brutal Doom". This Mod has me back into playing the classic DOOM games. Brutal Doom is one bad-ass Mod. It makes DOOM feel like this was the way it was always meant to be played.

Brutal Doom adds updates to the weapons, allows you to carry two assault rifles, adds death animations for you and the demons, and even adds take down animations. Plus it increases the gore and blood by like 10X. You can shoot pieces off of the original demons. This Mod made going back to the classic DOOM really fun. So much fun, that I even decide to record my play through of what I have been calling Brutal Doom 2. You can check out the play through series on my YouTube Channel. Here is a video of Part 1 in the series:

If you would like to play this awesome Mod for the classic DOOM games. Get your self a legit copy of one of the DOOMs and then download the Mod from Follow the instructions and BAM, you are playing one awesome version of DOOM. Enjoy!

As a side note, I plan on streaming my play of Brutal Doom 2 on Twitch for my first stream ever coming this Sunday (4/10). Follow me on Twitter as I will have the exact time on when I will be broadcasting on Sunday. You can head on over to my Twitch page as well.

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