Tuesday, April 26, 2016

HearthStone and HITMAN Major Updates...

So, two games I play quite a bit had some major updates today. First is HearthStone, this one is kind of my little guilty pleasure. I enjoy jumping into this game every now and again. But once I heard the new expansion is coming out, called "Whispers of the Old Gods", I pre-ordered the cards for $50. This will be the first time I am ready to play an expansion for this game. I can't wait to open all the packs I got later today. But not only is the expansion coming out on April 26th, Blizzard is making some balances to the game. First they are changing what Standard play is. You can only build decks for Standard play with the following cards:  Basic, Classic, Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, The League of Explorers, and New 2016 Expansion. The others are not allowed in this mode, but will be allowed in a new mode called Wild Mode. It also means you can no longer buy cards from the excluded expansions as well. In order to get them if you missed out you can only craft them with Arcane Dust. But those are not only the changes that happened with HearthStone. Blizzard is also balancing 12 cards and you can find out more information on the card changes by Clicking Here.

The second game to get a major update today is HITMAN. IO Interactive is releasing the second episode called Sapienza. This is the latest map for the game that came out on March 11th. I can't wait to dive into this new area. I really enjoyed the challenges of the last main map. Even though you play the same map over and over it allows for different approaches to the objectives. You can check out the Launch Trailer below:

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