Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gaming Status Update - Spring 2016

DOOMs out, but I had to travel this week and only had the past weekend to play it. But I plan to hit that game hard once I get back to my gaming PC. Hoping to have a review on it up by Memorial weekend. But, while away I having been playing an old game that I just started to get into lately. I have been on this space flight simulator kick. It all started while playing a little bit of Elite: Dangerous, then I moved on to EVE: Online. Yeah, I kind of got sucked into that MMO. Been enjoying my 21 day trial, which I have about 11 days left. I plan on sticking with EVE: Online for a while.

Pretty much been all over the place lately, jumping from game to game. But The Division is the one game I have stuck with since it came out. All the hate the game gets, I really enjoy playing it with my cousin. Though, it is still buggy and has its own issues with balancing. We plan to stick with it till the new Battlefield comes out in October. Till then I am going to continue playing some EVE: Online and DOOM.

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