Thursday, September 8, 2016

Playing Borderlands The Pre-Sequel On My Nvidia Sheild Tablet

Earlier this year I posted on my blog that I picked up the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 2015 version. In 2016 I haven't really gamed on it that much. Maybe a few games here and there, but they were all tablet app based games.

That was till I found out that Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel were released on the Nvidia Shield Tablet. So, never playing the Pre-Sequel before, I downloaded it onto my Shield Tablet. Right away I was pretty blown away on how well this game looks and plays on this tablet. Of course it is no-where near as good looking as the PC version. But on the K1 it looked pretty good. The game also played pretty well, with no frame-rate drops or hick-ups. It handles very well with a controller attached to the tablet. To be honest this game was not designed at all for any touch inputs. It only works with a controller. I happened to be using the Nvidia Shield controller that I picked up to go along with my tablet.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel was the first major game I played on my K1 tablet. I am having a blast playing the game. I normally play it while I mine in EVE: Online. So I kind of multi-task gaming, lol.

I just wanted to quickly share my experience with the Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet and my first real major game played on it. This has really secured my feeling about picking up this tablet. Can't wait to see other games released for this device. Till then, I'll be enjoying Borderlands The Pre-Sequel on my tablet.

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