Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Broforce - Games Under $30 Worth Playing

Take all the action heroes from the last twenty or so years and put them in one crazy 8-bit game and that pretty much sums up Broforce. Developed by Free Lives and Published by Devolver Digital Broforce is one hell of a fun game for $15.

You start off with one of many random Bros such as for example, RamBro or Bro Hard, and you use their unique abilities to fight the terrorist that threaten the world. To balance the awesome power of the Bros you can't get hit or hurt at all. Once you do, you die. But, as you run across the map reigning havoc against the terrorists, you can save other Bros which give you extra lives. Take note, that you don't have a choice on which Bro you get, it is always random, even if you die. This makes for a fun yet challenging game. As you progress, the game does increase in difficulty only getting harder as you reach the end. Broforce doesn't take it self serious, so there were many times it made me laugh, no matter how frustrated I got at some points in the game.

Broforce can be played alone, with friends cooperatively or even have an all out brawl with your friends in its multiplayer death-match. I had a blast playing through the single player, and for $15 Broforce is hard to pass up. Broforce is most definitely a game worth playing for under $30. If you haven't played this epic havoc creating 8-bit awesomeness, then what are you waiting for Bro?

You can pick up Broforce for PC or MAC at Steam, GOG.com, or Humble Bundle.

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