Monday, December 19, 2016

Game Corp DX - Games Under $30 Worth Playing

Ever since Game Dev Story came out for the iOS back in 2010. I have noticed a surge of games based around this type of management simulation the last five years. I was addicted to it and Game Dev Tycoon as well. Game Corp DX is another management simulation game set in this theme. It was created and produced by an indie studio called Endless Loop Studios. Game Corp DX is based on the Flash game with the same name, minus the DX.

The game is very simple yet addicting. You start off with a small team in a small office producing micro games (mobile games really). As you grow and make more money you can expand your employee count and office space. Making a game is as easy as creating name, picking the genre, and then assigning works. Depending on how big of a game will determine how many employees you can assign to a game project. The management part is making sure your employees have food, water, and are well trained. It doesn't get anymore complex then that. The big motivation in this game is making lots of money and winning all the awards from the other companies (competition).

Like I said Game Corp DX is simple, but it can be addictive. Why is it worth playing for under $30. For starters it is only $3 and the game is solid and fun. It is well worth the $3 investment for hours of mindless enjoyment. If you like the Game Themed Tycoon games then this is a must own. Game Corp DX is available only on Steam.

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