Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Writing Articles For GrownGaming.com

Some of you may have noticed that I have been promoting articles from GrownGaming.com on my Twitter account. This is because I have signed up to be a writer on that site for game reviews. Starting this week I will be focusing my game reviews for GrownGaming.com, so please check them out. This means that far less posts will be happening here on my blog. I will still post some reviews here and even continue the Games Worth Playing Under $30 series, along with some other future posts.

So this is an official announcement that I will not be featuring my articles on GrownGaming.com. The one thing I have to say is it is a very well thought out website featuring Video Game reviews, previews, news and feature articles. The owner of the site is a very nice guy who is a gamer that loves to write about video games. The site also features a lot of guest articles from other writers out there. I look forward to my new adventure at GrownGaming.com and will support this site the best I can. Because I want to see it grow and grow in the coming months. So please, keep an eye on my twitter feed for future articles posted on this site not only from me but other writers as well. Keep gaming on my friends...

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