Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wonderland - Part 2 - Pirate Cove

Pirate Cove is one of my favorite sections of my theme park Wonderland. I spent a lot of time in this area, mainly because I ended up scrapping a ride and building new ones. Also, I ended up adding a rail-way to my park because I found some open land in this section. So far this if my favorite section of the park.

When you first enter Pirate Cove from the Fairy-Tale section you are greeted with either going left or right. If you head left, you will end up going towards Turtle Rock, a roller coaster I downloaded from the Steam Workshop. Turtle Rock was created by JONS90, and I thought it looked perfect for this section of my park. It looks amazing at night as well, so an added bonus there.

If you head to the right, you will be passing by some of the flat rides in this section. Also, you'll be headed to the little food section that is in the corner before reaching another roller coaster The High Seas.

After passing The High Seas (which is a pre-made coaster in the game), you will end up heading towards another coaster created by a user on Steam Workshop. This roller coaster is called Dead Pirate Falls created by the user McDread. I loved the look and feel of this coaster so I just had to add it to Pirate Cove. 

Dead Pirate Falls was heading towards the back of the Pirate Cove section. Back here I added a very very large coaster that you can kind of see in some of the screenshots already. I ended up not liking this coaster and had another idea. I found two more coasters that I loved on the Steam Workshop and ended up placing them in the spot that one huge coaster took up.

The Caribbean Curse created by McDread as seen in the back left of this screenshot above and Jack's Pirate Hideout by xepi88 were the two coasters I added instead of the one huge coaster I had there before. You can also see some of the rail-road I decided to add as well, called The Wonderland Express. It runs through a large part of the park and has four stops. The Wonderland Express also runs through a mountain in the back part of the map. That area is going to be the new section I have been working on called West World.

That is pretty much it for Pirate Cove, again I had the most fun creating this area and tweaking it to my liking. My next update on Wonderland will be my last. When I was starting the West World section of my park I found the game to get very very sluggish. I found that this game doesn't handle a lot of people in the park very well. So I decided to stop expanding even though I had more plans for other sections, but more on that in the final post. For now enjoy a night-time screenshot of the whole section of Pirate Cove and look for more screenshots I didn't use on my Google+ page.