Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Game Status Update - Spring 2017

I have decided to remove my PC Gaming Rig website. I just don't see a need for it since I haven't updated it in a long time. I'll be moving all the contents to my blog, most likely will be its own page instead of a blog post. I'll post an update on this, once the information from http://gamingpc.jbthegamer.com/ has been moved to the blog's main site.

Also, the next update like this will most likely be renamed to Blog Status Update instead of Game Status Update. I think it fits better in the posts I have been creating for these. I do these update statuses about once every quarter. I am also planning to create a page that will have links to my articles on GrownGaming.com. I wanted to kind of have a portfolio of my work that I have been publishing there on my blog here.

Now that we are reaching the gaming drought, that time of the year where less video games are released, I'll be focusing more on Indie games and games from the past. But the games from the past will all be posted on GrownGaming.com under the title of "Games Gone By".

This status update was short and simple. Thank you for stopping by and look forward to more blog posts coming down the line.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Review - Mad Games Tycoon

I have been a big fan of business-management simulation games since I first played RollerCoaster Tycoon back in 1999. I came across the video game themed versions of these games for the first time back when Game Dev Story released on the iOS back in 2010. I have been hook ever since and have played most of the well-known versions of these type of games. Then came along MAD Games Tycoon, developed and published by Eggcode Games, released only on Steam Sept 13, 2016.

These video game tycoon games pretty much play the same. The goal is to make as much money as possible by creating and selling the best video games. You start off small, normally a one person team ready to create his or her first video game. Choose your genre, platform, and game engine, then let the waiting begin. As your one man team starts to create the game he or she will go through many stages before the game is 100% complete. During those stages, your video game will collect score points in graphics, sounds, technology, and gameplay. Once your video game is complete you can then publish the game which will then be subject to a review score. Of course the higher the review score the better your sales will be. In order to get a high review score for your game, during development, each of the four sections would have to of gained high points. Depending on how many score points of the four sections was gained, will determine the outcome of the review score on your video game. So the goal is to get as many points as possible in graphics, sound, technology, and gameplay.

In the beginning of the game, if you have at least a 50% or higher review score on your video game, you will gain a decent amount of cash. Once you have enough money you can then start hiring more people to help speed up your game development and with their skill sets, increase the score points of the four categories during development. Your new hires will then help increase the review scores of your games.

But high review scores don't always result in higher sales. Marketing and fans of your company will help push those sales into the millions. Once you hire enough game developers and regularly push out a game to keep the cash flowing in, you can then hire people for Marketing, Research, even Console development. Not only can you hire more people for other jobs not related to game development, you can also buy servers, production units (to publish games), even storage units to hold produced game copies. But don't expand too fast, otherwise, you will run out of money and go out of business.

Till MAD Games Tycoon came around, these video game tycoon games were rather simple and didn't expand much beyond developing and releasing video games. MAD Games Tycoon allows you to publish your own games, something I haven't seen before in these type of games. The fact that you can produce physical copies of your game and store them and then set a release date is awesome. If you go down this path, other developers in the game will ask you to publish their games. But as I said before, this can be very costly and if you don't have enough cash on hand, could put you out of business if you don't market correctly and your copies don't sell well. If you do well as a publisher, you can even resell a game that has fallen off the market and republishes it at a lower price. Once that is done, you can then bundle each of the titles that have been republished into a bundle, further generating more cash for your company. So effectively you could sell the same game three times. Something I haven't seen before in these video game tycoon games.

Another feature, and one I think MAD Games Tycoon handles better then their competition is MMOs. I found these to be done very poorly in other games, but MAD Games Tycoon handles this well. Again, another venture you can dapple with but is costly. Not only will this require a development team to create the MMO game, but if you choose this option you will have to buy servers. If your MMO gets a good review score, is marketed right, and sells like hot cakes. This venture could be profitable. As long as you are willing to put out expansions that will keep the subscriber numbers high enough to rank in the millions. The one annoying thing about how MMOs are handled is the fact that these games never leave the market as long as there are subscribers. That means you will have the MMO video game and its expansion displayed on the left side of your screen and never go away till the MMO is dead and has 0 subscribers.

The final venture you could pursue in this game is to create your own console. This is the most expensive thing you can do in MAD Games Tycoon. It costs millions to research and hundreds of millions to produce. Of course if you start doing this early, the costs are not that high, but still high enough for the time period as you can start in 1980 and follow the history of gaming till things slow down around 2020. Creating a console allows you to produce games for it and even allows other developers to publish games on it. You can even see how many games have been produced for your console. If done right this can bring in billions of dollars.

The freedom of MAD Games Tycoon allows you to pursue all of these ventures, not just one or two, as long as you have the money to support them. Basically, you could become EA or Activision if you really wanted too. The only thing I see missing is buying video game developer studios and a lack of digital distribution. But this game is always getting updates, with the last being just a month or so ago adding new consoles. So Eggcode could add even more features to the game down the road.


MAD Games Tycoon has been so far one of the best video game tycoon games I have ever played. So much depth in allowing you to manage your company instead of just creating video games. You have to keep your employees happy, create customer support team to support your fans, train your staff, and even run a free-to-play MMO. I am addicted to this game and can't stop playing. It has provided me many hours of fun. I highly recommend picking up this game on Steam, and for $15 you can't beat the price for how much game MAD Games Tycoon provides for your buck.

Final Score: 5/5 - Amazing Game

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Second Year Anniversary

Wow, it felt like yesterday I posted about my blog's first year anniversary. Now we are past the second year. A lot of changes happened since the first year and during the second year. I continue to write reviews and I have added something called "Games Worth Playing Under $30" posts. Also in the beginning of 2017 I joined a site called GrownGaming.com and have posted some opinion pieces and previews/reviews of games there. Writing for GrownGaming.com doesn't mean I'll quit my blog. It just means I'll focus some of the heavy hitters over there and keep to personal posts here. I may not post as often as I have before, but I am still committed to JBTHEGAMER.com.

I was at some point going to move the blog to Word Press, but since I now write at the other site I have decided to keep my Blog at Blogger. Thank you again for sticking around another year and reading my posts. I look forward to another awesome year...