Thursday, June 8, 2017

Returning To HITMAN

Its been a while since I played HITMAN. I really only played the first two episodes (a.k.a. Levels/Maps). I heavily played the first episode called Paris. I played so much of it, that I recorded my best assassination. The double swirly silent assassination. I was most proud of that one. It is up on my poor excuse of a YouTube channel. But you can check it out here:

I bought all the other episodes but got side tracked and distracted and never got around to playing them. Now with IO Interactive either being sold from SquareEnix or heading out on their own. I'd figure since we are in a gaming drought, I would return to HITMAN. I may even record my play through of the other episodes (Levels/Maps) and upload them onto my YouTube channel. Till that happens, check out my other video I did of the second episode of HITMAN. Enjoy!

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