Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wonderland Part 3 - WestWorld

WestWorld is the final themed section of my park in Planet Coaster called Wonderland. I had another planned section that I wanted to add based on Sci-Fi theme, but like I said in my other post, the game just couldn't handle more then 7000 people in the park that well on my PC. I knew it was time to stop expanding and focus on the sections I had left.

The WestWorld section went through a lot of changes, thus the reason why it took so long. Things just ended up not working the way I wanted them and rides were going unused. So I scrapped what I started in this section and kept things tightly packed and added about five coasters to this section.

The first roller coaster I put in WestWorld, and the most successful, was the Phantom Mountain. This ride was created by Xaphor and I downloaded it from the steam workshop. It became the most popular with the guests. They couldn't get enough of it. I ended up putting some ATMs and Shops near the entrance and exit of Phantom Mountain.

The second coaster I added to WestWorld was Gold Fever. Gold Fever was created by Mcdread, and I have used some of his other coasters for Wonderland. I ended up placing the coaster wrong but made it work out instead of deleting and replacing it. Gold Fever became the second most popular coaster in this section.

I ended up filling a lot of the space with themed objects that I downloaded from users in the steam workshop. I was pleased with how they turned out. Some of the buildings were pre-made by the developers but most of the others were user created.

Some of the dead space was filled in with these two coasters, El Giro Loco and Spaghetti Western. El Giro Loco was created by Tetsuo303 and Spaghetti Western was created by Knightvision. These were the last two rides I added in this section, but have also become very popular. 

WestWorld ended up being a very short themed section compared to my pirate themed section. But with the revisions and change of plans it ended up taking the longest to complete. I know this was suppose to be the last post on Wonderland, but I have decided to create a video showing of my park. I don't know when I'll post it as I have a bunch of touching up to do in the park before I create the walk through video. Till then, you can see the pictures I didn't use here on my Google + Page along with all the other pictures I have used so far.