Tuesday, May 8, 2018

JBtheGamer's Thoughts On: SUPERHOT

SUPERHOT reminds me of the Matrix movies with the slow-motion combat. The interesting thing is that time always moves slow unless you move or attack. So if you take your time you can basically dodge bullets pretty well. But the challenge increases as more enemies with different weapons come at you. One shot or hit will destroy your enemies, but if you get hit or shot even once you lose and have to start the whole level over. If you complete the level you are rewarded with seeing your progress in real time. Seeing your moves and attacks play out is pretty neat.

In terms of story the game has you play through a campaign that is pretty short. It starts off with a friend sending you a leaked copy of a game called SUPERHOT. As you play and talk with your friend about how awesome this game is, it becomes clear that someone is watching you and tries to stop you from playing. But as you would guess, you can't stop and eventually this mysterious person starts encouraging you to keep playing.

Once you beat the campaign an endless mode unlocks along with challenge mode that has you go through the same levels but with different challenges. There is also a VR version of the game that takes the game to new levels.

I really enjoyed playing SUPERHOT. It is truly a unique take on the slow-motion game play with a bit of rogue-lite elements. There is a stand-alone expansion in the works that comes out later this year and I can't wait to play that as well. Whether you are looking for a quick game to kill time or a killer VR game. I would highly suggest checking out SUPERHOT.

SUPERHOT is available to purchase for Windows, Linux, OSX, PS4, and Xbox One.

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