Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wonderland - Video Tour and Steam Workshop Release

A week or so ago I finally uploaded my park to Steam Workshop and created a video tour of the park. It has been a long year and a half of playing and working on this park. But now I am finally happy with it to call it done and uploaded it for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to head on over to Steam and download Wonderland HERE.

Mess with the park in any way you see fit. Just if you upload it to Steam Workshop please give credit where it is due. I'd wouldn't mind seeing how others can improve and make Wonderland a better park.

If you rather not download my park and just want to take a look at what I created. Well I produced a video tour I uploaded to YouTube. You can check out the video tour of Wonderland below.

Wonderland was created in the challenge mode, which is basically a play mode where you try to create a park and make money. I think with my next park I'll just create it in the sandbox mode so I don't have to worry about funds. But it will be a while till start a new park. I have plans to play and build a Jurassic Park with the upcoming Jurassic World Evolution game coming out in June 2018. See you then...

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