Saturday, November 17, 2018

BlizzCon 2018 - Big Disappointment

I was excited for this year's BlizzCon, it was rumored of a big announcement for the Diablo franchise and I was hoping for some news about StarCraft and WarCraft. So I got my Virtual Ticket and started to watch. Out of the entire conference the only thing I was some what excited for was the remake of WarCraft III. I had a lot of fun with that game, so I was excited to see information about it. Then the biggest mistake Blizzard could have ever done, happened. Announcing a Diablo mobile only game on the heals of a six year hiatus for a sequel to 2012s Daiblo 3. Attendees were pissed and so was I. This is what I paid $50 to watch, some crappy micro-transaction infested mobile game? Yeah, what the hell were you thinking Blizzard. Oh wait you most likely were thinking nothing because it seems Activision has completely taken over Blizzard Entertainment. This mobile game was the brain child of top Activision Execs milking franchises for all their worth. Normally I wouldn't have an issue with mobile game versions of Blizzard's franchises, but only if they are released along side a proper video game. The Mobile market is a shit show filled with games designed to just take your money. Most of them lose their fun within a matter of minutes. They are for casual gamers, who don't care about gaming. Mobile games have become toilet apps you play when you have to take a shit.

This year's BlizzCon was pathetic and it is clear that Blizzard Entertainment is fully under the control of Activision. What ever happened to letting Blizzard be by themselves. Not anymore since they have more franchises worth billions and Activision has nothing but Call of Duty. Guess Call of Duty isn't making as much as it use too. Now it is time to milk Blizzard Entertainment fans of all their worth just as bad as Call of Duty does to it's fan base. This might be the decline of Blizzard Entertainment for me. I have a feeling things are only going to get worse from here. What has happened to the gaming industry these days?